By 2024, the International Conference on Energy Engineering and Environmental Engineering has reached its eleventh edition. As an annual event, the Congress has been dedicated to promoting technological innovation and progress in renewable energy, hydrogen energy and environmental science. At present, the conference has been successfully held in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Sanya, Beijing and other cities.

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ICEEEE 2023 has been held successfully virtually on August 6-8, 2023.

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Ali Reza Kamali

Energy and Environmental Materials Research Centre (E2MC), Northeastern University, China  

Dr. Ali Kamali is a Double Hundred Distinguished Professor and Director of the Energy and Environmental Energy and Environmental Materials Research Centre (E2MC) at Northeastern University, ex-Senior Research Fellow and current Visiting Professor at the University of Cambridge, and consultant to several leading materials companies. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, and has published more than 150 SCI-indexed articles and 50 patents, some of which have been transferred to industry. His research mostly focuses on the development of innovative methods for green preparation of advanced materials for various applications. He is the recipient of several awards, including the International Khwarizmi Award, the Rose Prize of Shenyang, and NSFC Excellent Young International Scientist Fellowship.

Speech Title: Clean and low-cost electrochemical generation of hydrogen at elevated temperatures

Abstract: Efficient decarbonization of the economy requires the availability of methods for clean and economical production of hydrogen. The available water electrolysis technologies used for hydrogen generation suffer from various limitations, including the high voltage required in the electrolysis unit, reducing the energy efficiency of the process, while increasing the cost of produced hydrogen. The current presentation focuses on the electrochemical generation of hydrogen at high temperatures, as a new approach for generation of hydrogen at low voltages, enabling the low-cost preparation of hydrogen for various applications. A selection of demanding applications of the generated hydrogen at high temperature is also discussed.

Prof. Dr. Parin Somani

London Organisation of Skills Development, London, United Kingdom  

Prof. Dr Parin Somani is the Director of London Organisation of Skills Development, Chief Editor of Global Research Journal for the United Kingdom, Independent Academic Scholar, TEDx speaker, Banker, Writer, Humanitarian, Philanthropist and Multi International Award Winner. Prof. Dr. Parin Somani has achieved 8 doctorate awards, recognised 5 times in the world book of records, twice in the India book of records, Asia book of records and Karnataka book of records. Prof. Dr. Parin Somani has travelled to over 117 countries to help society at large in fields of Education, Women empowerment and Youth development. Prof. Dr. Parin Somani is the winner of several beauty pageants and has been honoured with the title of Mrs Universe 2022, where she was crowned by Bollywood Actress Mahek Chahal. Prof. Dr. Parin Somani is the Icon of Beauty with Brains and became the Winner of Enigma Mrs World 2022. In addition, Prof. Dr. Parin Somani is the winner of Mrs India 2021 and was crowned by the Bollywood Actress Aditii Govitrikar. She is Winner of Mrs BritAsian 2021, Winner of Mrs Universe International 2021, Winner of Mrs India Global 2021 and the runner up of Mrs Queen of India 2021. Prof. Dr. Parin Somani has authored 19 books and her new upcoming book “Manifest Inner Beauty: Part I” will be released in 2023. Prof. Dr. Parin was invited to deliver a Keynote address at King’s College, Cambridge, United Kingdom in May 2023 and last year also, she was invited as Keynote Speaker at Harvard University, United States of America in May 2022 to help global society at large.

Speech Title: Greenhouse Gas Treatment in the New Normal

Abstract: Events occurring during the coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic including implementation of social distancing regulations, resulted in a vast reduction in the number of transport vehicles being used. This created an impact upon the amount of greenhouse gas emissions being emitted, particularly highlighting a reduction in the levels of carbon dioxide. This study aims to understand the effects of greenhouse gases on the environment due to the covid-19 pandemic. There is an objective to recommend a recovery plan towards facilitating new energy production, storage, and transmission of greenhouse gases, thereby contributing to a sustainable environment in the new normal. A review of published and grey literature sources has been conducted through electronic and manual sources. Results have revealed that carbon dioxide and methane are deemed as two most important greenhouse gases, while nitrate particles and nitrogen oxides are dominant two air pollutants. Emissions appear to have returned to levels pre-pandemic, hence there is urgent need to ensure a transition to technology that emits low carbon levels. If this is not implemented swiftly, severe environmental threats like global warming and climate change will be accelerated. Recommendations like turning carbon dioxide into methanol, in addition to storing renewable energy forms like solar energy and wind energy are discussed. There is a need to work together to recover from the covid-19 pandemic implementing a novel and more greener transition process, to produce and consume greenhouse gases. It is necessary to facilitate the increase in economical transformations around the world to help sustain global environments.

Prof. Decheng Wan

Shanghai Jiaotong University, China  

Prof. Wan received his Ph.D from Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), China in 1994. After successively worked as a research fellow of the Royal Society at University College London, UK, a senior research fellow at National University of Singapore, and a Wissenschaftliche Angestellter at Dortmund University, Germany from 1997 to 2005, he returned to Shanghai and was appointed as a full professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2006. Prof. Wan is the Ministry of education of Yangtze River scholar Professor, the Distinguished professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, one of Shanghai outstanding academic leaders, The Shanghai East scholar ( tracks plan) professor, the Doctoral Tutor, the Shanghai Pujiang Talent Fund Winner, the Ministry of Education New century talents scheme winner, the Adjunct professor of Strathclyde university and Dalian University of Technology, the Vice dean of Science and Technology Development Institute, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Deputy Dean of advanced Technology and Equipment Research Institute (presiding) and the Director of Marine and Ocean Engineering computational hydrodynamics Center. His research interest is mainly on computational marine and coastal hydrodynamics, Computational Marine Hydrodynamics, Simulation Based Design for Offshore and Polar Structures, Renewable Energy in Deep Sea, Numerical Marine Basin, Fluid-Structure Interaction, etc.

Prof. Yifei Wu

Xi'an Jiaotong University, China  

Yifei Wu was born in Zhejiang, China. He is now a professor in Xi'an Jiaotong University (top young talent) and supported by the national youth talent plan. He has hosted over more than 10 scientific research projects including the NSFC, the Key R&D Program of Shaanxi Province, and the State Grid Corporation's Science and Technology Project. He also published more than 70 SCI/EI papers in high-level journals at home and abroad, including 30 SCI papers as the first/corresponding author. He is a senior member of IEEE, authorized 19 national invention patents, 10 U.S. patents, 2 European patents. He won the Second Prize of Science and Technology of Shaanxi Province.

Speech Title: Research on DC Interruption Technology-Topology and Its Key Technologies

Abstract: The DC circuit breaker is an indispensable device for constructing the DC grid and ensuring the reliability and flexibility of the DC power supply. Although the existing DC interruption technology has achieved staged research results, there are still problems such as high cost, large volume, and complicated control, which is difficult to meet the needs of large-scale application of DC grids in the future and becomes a bottleneck restricting the development DC grid. Therefore, it is necessary to fundamentally change the interruption principles of existing DC circuit breakers, and seek high-performance, low-cost, and miniaturized new technologies and methods. In view of the above problems, a novel topology of economical DC circuit breaker based on vacuum arc control is studied. The arc voltage can be rapidly increased by regulating the vacuum arc with a magnetic field, which can be used to commutate the current in the main branch fast. Firstly, the principle of arc control and the method of increasing arc voltage are introduced, and the key influencing factors affecting arc voltage and post-arc dielectric recovery are obtained. Secondly, the arc control method and its effect on commutation is analyzed, in which the specific design parameters are obtained. Finally, a series of DC circuit breaker prototypes are developed and applied to several DC power distribution demonstration projects.

9th Annual Conference (ICEEEE 2022)
December 9-10, 2022 丨Sanya, China
The ICEEEE 2022 is the 9th edition of the conference series which have been successfully held in different cities. Hundreds of scholars from more than 20 countries have participated in our conference. We firmly believe that the past successful experience will promote ICEEEE2022 to achieve greater success on sharing research ideas and experiences for all participants. 

8th Annual Conference (ICEEEE 2021)
September 25-26, 2021 丨Online Conference
ICEEEE2021 was changed to Online Conference due to the outbreak of COVID-2019. Participants from different parts of the world were connected together with network. All conference sessions were chaired via web remote conference and all presentations were made online. Thank you for all the delegates' cooperation during this virtual conference! We look forward to meeting you all face-to-face next year! 

7th Annual Conference (ICEEEE 2019)
July 19-20, 2019 丨Beijing, China
ICEEEE2019 has received about 100 submissions and attracted 60 participants from 18 countries and area. 2 keynote speakers presented their excellent studies and made it a successful conference. Five Best Oral Presenters and one Best Poster Presenter were selected and awarded. 

6th Annual Conference (ICEEEE 2018)
August 25-26, 2018 丨Beijing, China
The presentation form of "Invited Speaker" was first introduced to the conference, thus attracting 5 outstanding experts to deliver their invited speeches and approximately 30 attendees from home and abroad. And "Best Oral Presentation Award" was awarded to 3 outstanding presenters to encourage their academic passion. 

5th Annual Conference (ICEEEE 2017)
April 15-16, 2017 丨Xiamen, China
Gaining the sponsorship of well-known IJHE Journals, ICEEEE2017 set a special prize for the Best Poster Presentations for the first time, making this conference has more than 30 poster presentations (previous years have less than 25 poster presentations) out of 80 participants. 

4th Annual Conference (ICEEEE 2016)
April 15-16, 2016 丨Hong Kong, China
ICEEEE2016 concluded successfully in HongKong, China. The event has become an annual gathering among professors and researchers to exchange latest trends of the field every year. The conference has attracted 150 participants from around 20 countries and regions. To encourage further academic efforts, 7 best oral presentations and two best poster presentations were selected by listeners and judges based on strict criteria. 

3rd Annual Conference (ICEEEE 2015)
January 24-25, 2015 丨Shanghai, China
The presentation form of "Invited Speaker" was first introduced to the conference, thus attracting 8 outstanding experts to deliver their invited speeches and approximately 50 attendees from home and abroad. And "Best Oral Presentation Award" was awarded to 6 outstanding presenters to encourage their academic passion. 

2nd Annual Conference (ICEEEE 2014)
January 10-11, 2014 丨Shanghai, China
Containing 9 distinguished keynote speakers, 36 oral presentations and 45 poster presentations, the Second ICEEEE Conference became a good platform for worldwide researchers and engineers to exchange and share their experience and research results, and more than 100 excellent papers were successfully published in different EI/SCIE indexed journals. 

1st Annual Conference (ICEEEE 2013)
January 18-19, 2013 丨Hangzhou, China
The ICEEEE conference has attracted 60 participants from 12 countries and regions. It consisted of 3 keynote speeches, 8 invited speeches, 27 oral presentations and 9 poster presentations.