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Famous scenic spots

Gulangyu Island
Xiamen Gulangyu Island, located in the southwestern waters of Xiamen City, Fujian Province, is a scenic island renowned for its blend of Chinese and Western historical architecture, unique musical culture, and captivating natural beauty. The island boasts a diverse array of architectural styles, ranging from ancient Fujian red-tiled buildings to elegant European structures, reflecting the integration of Eastern and Western cultures. Moreover, Gulangyu is renowned as a mecca of music, with a rich musical atmosphere where the sound of piano can often be heard. In terms of natural scenery, the island boasts azure seas, golden beaches, and unique coral reefs, all of which captivate visitors. It is a tourist destination that seamlessly merges history, culture, and nature, attracting countless travelers to explore and experience its charms.
Tong'an Confucian Temple
The distinctiveness of the Tong'an Confucian Temple lies in its ancient historical background and rich cultural connotations. Originating from the Five Dynasties period, the temple has undergone numerous renovations and expansions, with the current Daicheng Hall rebuilt in 1767 during the Qing Dynasty, spanning an area of 1,050 square meters. The temple served not only as a venue for worshipping Confucius but also as a school for scholars in the past, embodying the ancient tradition of education and culture. Nowadays, it has transformed into the Tong'an District Museum, exhibiting historical artifacts and notable figures from Tong'an since the Western Han Dynasty, thus boasting significant historical and educational value. Additionally, the temple's architectural style is remarkable, with the Daicheng Hall adopting a double-eave tiled hip roof, front and rear eaves, intricate wooden carvings, and excellent craftsmanship, showcasing exquisite architectural art.
Xiamen Twin Towers
A brief introduction to The Xiamen Twin Towers, also known as the Shimao Strait Tower, are a landmark building in Xiamen. They are renowned for their unique appearance, with two elegant towers standing side by side, reaching a height of 300 meters, symbolizing the vitality and innovativeness of a modern city. Inside, they offer a range of multifunctional commercial spaces, including luxury hotels, office buildings, and shopping centers, showcasing the versatility of the structure. Moreover, the observation deck at the top offers breathtaking views of Xiamen, providing visitors with an unforgettable urban experience.