Call for papers

2024 the 11th International Conference on Energy Engineering and Environmental Engineering (ICEEEE 2024) will bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and Scholars in the domain of interest from around the world. Submitted paper will be peer reviewed by conference committees, and accepted papers will be included into ICEEEE 2024 Conference Proceedings which will be published and submitted to online database. We invite submissions presenting new and original research on topics including but not limited to the following:

T1. New Energy Production, Storage, Transmission

Greenhouse Gas Treatment
Thermal Energy and Power Engineering
Thermal Power Engineering
Energy Engineering & Environmental Engineering
Clean Energy Development
Thermal Engineering
New Technology for Oil and Gas Development
Oean Energy Technologies
Energy Materials
Clean Development Mechanism
Heat Engines

T2. Hydrogen, Hydrogen Carriers Technology, Hydrogen Application

Bio Hydrogen
Hydrides Emissions
Renewable Hydrogen
Fossil Hydrogen
H2 Production Hydrogen and Fuel Cell
Hydrides Storage
Hydrogen Infrastructure
Electrolysis / Electrolyzers
Chemical, Thermochemical & Electrochemical Hydrogen
Solar Hydrogen

T3. Environmental Science and Environmental Engineering

Energy Environmental Protection
Clean Production Process
Regional Sustainable Development
Clean Development Mechanism
Industrial waste treatment
Water pollution and treatment
Architectural Environment & Equipment Engineering
Environmental sustainability
Environmental management
Climate change & global warming
Soil and Water Conservation and Desertification Control
Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation